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ACT Profile helps you and students make informed decisions based on research you both can trust.

ACT Profile is a free online tool that combines personalized student insights and ACT expertise to help them make smarter decisions about their next steps after graduation. And with dedicated counselor accounts, it's the simple way to keep you connected throughout their planning process.

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ACT Profile offers dedicated counselor accounts to help connect you and your students. You can use their insights to begin conversations around planning, monitor their progress, spot potential challenges, and take necessary actions to help them prepare for more fulfilling futures. And with customizable group dashboards, you can also gain an aggregate view of entire student groups.

ACT Profile also shows potential job earnings and what education or training it takes to get there. Students can even view interactive career and major maps to easily navigate their options, save favorites, and share stories or questions with others.

They're more than just a score.

Many know us as the company that makes "the Test," but we do much more than that — like ACT Profile.

While students can use ACT Profile to see how scores align with school acceptance rates, ACT Profile takes a more comprehensive approach to their options, whether they include college or not.

The goal is to help them find success in school and work.

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6,000 careers. 7,000 schools. 1,500 majors. One ACT advantage.

ACT Profile leverages more than 50 years of ACT research and analysis in education and 30-plus years of research and analysis for career readiness to put our data to work for you. This unmatched expertise provides proven results and guidance that you can be confident in as you help your students get ready for what's ahead.